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Taller Casarrodante

About us

Who we are and what we do in Casarrodante?

Casarrodante is a team that designs, manages and produces a platform of body- and movement-related activities. It is a group of teachers and artists that work together towards knowledge generation and creation, on and from the body, movement and art. Casarrodante are the people who circulate around this space every day.

It aims at strengthening the development of contemporary dance in our country through activities, programs and training proposals for research and creation around the movement arts.

We receive and invite

Casarrodante provides space to invite national and international creators to work in a residence basis and to bring proposals that articulate and enhance its contents. It offers a meeting and creation environment.

We teach and learn

Casarrodante organizes several forms of exchange with and from dance and with the body from a variety of perspectives: body practice classes, open rehearsals, works exhibition, research presentations, lectures, seminars, workshops, audiovisual and photo exhibitions. It is always open to finding new formats that propose new contexts and experiences to share, interact and impact on us from and with dance, the body and being of each person approaching us.

Our history

Taller Casarrodante is currently one of the benchmark centers for contemporary dance in Uruguay. Since 2001 it has been continuously developing in the field of contemporary dance thus enabling it to expand, multiply and broaden its objectives, practices and scope.

This growth received a clear boost since the opening of the new facilities in 2013. This new infrastructure resulted in significant growth of the objectives, contents and of the human group that is part of Casarrodante.

The physical space of Casarrodante encompasses three dance studios–one of 100 m² and the other two of 82 m² - with hardwood cross-ply flooring; totaling over 437 m 2 including two lockers with showers, air conditioning, an outdoor terrace, kitchenette, a meeting room for gathering, reading, watching videos, among other activities. In addition to the studios, we have a room with a private bathroom for accommodating guests from different parts of the world.

Teaching staff:Dance: Ruth Ferrari, Natalia Burgueño, Adriana Belbussi, Eugenia Silveira, Juan Miguel Ibarlucea, Vera Garat, Tamara Gómez, Carmina Lebrato and Lucía Valeta
Pilates: Lorena Faraone and Virginia Ramirez
Yoga: Cecilia Fiorito, Miguel Jaime and Tamara Gómez
Aerial silk: Laura Monzón and Soledad Pou
Aikido: Alejandro Nuñez
Feldenkrais method (Awareness through movement): Florencia Varela
Coordination and administration: Carolina Álvarez and Paula Pérez
Administration and front-desk: Natalia Granja, Carolina Álvarez and Paula Pérez
Management: Luciana Lacoste and Catalina Lans
General management: Lucía Valeta

Graphics and web design: Ruth Ferrari, Cecilia Jaureguy, Natalia Carbonati.
Photography: Nacho Correa and Mariana Cecilio
Audiovisual records: Sofía Casanova, Celeste Rojas, Sofía Kortysz