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Dance is movement and stillness. It's a subtle look, a gesture that shows or is suggested. It is an intention, an interaction, a way of relationship with and from movement. Dance is what we create.

Dance is constantly renewed and transformed.

Casarrodante proposes and shares different ways of dancing and invites people to get more deeply involved in the search for shared dance and dance within them. Dance for kids, youth and adults.


A dance class involves space and time as well as a way to inhabit them. It is an experience that flows through us.

Casarrodante offers class schedules that enable a comprehensive approach to movement. It takes into account the different dimensions of training: as dancers, as creators and as individuals. From the various activities (regular classes, workshops, seminars) a wide range of interests, abilities and education levels are contemplated thus allowing for the enjoyment of dance at any time in life.

Classes are structured in a way that allows for the development of group and individual processes with flexibility where participants can choose their own combination of practices, schedules and weekly frequency.

Each teacher works from their own particular perspective thus enriching Casarrodante contents.

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